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Sun June 16th–Thu June 20th

    Sunday 16th June: Innsbruck, Milan, or Zurich

  • Optional group activity in your chosen starter city. More info to follow.
  • Smaller group dinners.
  • Larger after-dinner informal meetup.

    Monday 17th June: Pontresina

  • Depart Innsbruck, Milan, or Zurich for Pontresina, Switzerland. More info to follow.
  • Arrive in Pontresina.
  • Small group dinners.
  • Welcome reception.
  • After-hour activities.

    Tuesday 18th June: Pontresina

  • Keynote sessions.
  • Lunch.
  • Workshops, breakouts, roundtables.
  • Gala dinner.
  • Post-dinner group activity.
  • After-hour activities.

    Wednesday 19th June (optional)

  • Group activities.
  • Group dinner.

    Thursday 20th June (optional)

  • Thursday is a wind-down day, where you are free to set your own agenda and enjoy the amenities of the hotel and the surroundings.