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This Next Thing is divided into three parts:
Warmup, main-event, and wind-down.

Guests choose the city they start in:
Milan, Zürich, or Innsbruck.

It was one of the best experiences of my life. It was my first time attending a conference and I don't think anything can beat this one.

The warmup also comprises three parts:
a group activity, a meal, and a journey together.

The next day, the three groups converge in the mountain town of Pontresina in the Swiss Alps.

The comedown afterwards was really hard, like more so than for other events

The main themes are: magic, creativity, and meaning.

How do we use our creativity to create magical experiences that enrich people’s lives?

The emphasis is on story-telling.

Overall, just a great experience. The format, care, and detail were exceptional. The venue was stunning. The people were wonderful.

The main event itself also has three parts:
Stories, explorations, and a gala banquet.

I want a time machine to do it all over again

There are three headline story-tellers.

Each tells their own story, but also sponsors a nominated reciprocal to tell stories about similar themes from a different perspective.

The amazing people and openness of the environment, building up relationships over days coming and going and the just organic-ness of it all… just doesn't really happen [like this] after school age

Talks are followed by a day of exploration.

A variety of smaller events take place simultaneously around the venue. These are workshops, group-discussions, round-tables, meditations, an escape-room. Activities designed to help you to learn, to think, and to interact.

Experientially: it’s unparalleled, I probably would have never taken an open-top train through the Alps had it not been for TNT.

Exploration is followed by a meal

A shared banquet, coming together as a group to share what we’ve learned.

And of course, after dinner, one more thing...but to share that would be telling.

Honestly, it was perfect.