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When is This Next Thing?
The event runs from the evening of Sunday 16th June, to the morning of Thursday 20th June 2024. Sunday evening is a warm-up gathering in smaller groups, in one of three locations: Innsbruck, Milan or Zurich. On Monday you'll be brought to the alpine village of Pontresina. The main event runs from Monday afternoon until the morning of Wednesday, 19th June. An optional day and night of activities is planned for that day, with those opting to stay, departng on the morning of Thursday, 20th June.
Are families welcome?
Definitely. The venue was chosen specifically for its excellent childcare, and kids are welcome at all conference activities. We sell specific tickets for plus-ones and kids to be able to join you in Pontresina, which you can find here.
How does the plus-one ticket work?
The plus-one ticket is a full ticket to all event activities for an adult who will be sharing your hotel room. There are no conditions attached: it could be a partner, friend, or whomever you choose. For any children sharing your hotel room, please purchase kid tickets.
Is this event expensable?

Yes. You might even say indispensable.

While we emphasise meaningful relationships and shared experiences rather than transactional networking, we believe that attending this event can be transformational to your business or career.

How many folks are you expecting?
Last year was 150. We're hoping for between 200–300 this time round.
Is Switzerland a safe place to travel to?

Switzerland is one of the safest places in Europe to travel. We advise usual travel precautions, and research, and we advise everyone to take out requisite travel insurance since there is movement involved with the event.

Each attendee will start their experience in one of three starter cities, and each city will have a point person who will be introduced online before the in-person event to host a warmup event.

All of the planned travel is in groups, with that point person.

Once we arrive in Pontresina, everyone will have their own hotel room, and events are organised such that at any point, nobody will be more than a few minutes walk from their room.

Have another question that isn’t answered here?
Get in touch, we’re always listening! Additionally, it’s probably a question that others have too, so that’ll help us figure out how to best keep updating this list.